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  Our program is divided by age groups.  Our goal is to provide a fun and nurturing atmosphere while leaving time for students to enjoy their other activities.  Developing teamwork, discipline, self-confidence and creativity will make your child a success both in and out of the studio.  Note:  students will not be held back because of their age, providing the level they are moving into is appropriate both in movement and music. Advancement out of age group is at the discretion of the Artistic Director.

 The Adult Program is designed to provide the training needed for students interested in pursuing dance at a professional or college level and adults looking for exercise, fitness and a lot of fun.  The Adult Program is divided into two parts, lilac and purple.  The lilac adult class is open to all students 18 and older.  Only those who are technically qualified will be considered for the purple level adult class. 



Students receive a kinesiology based training in classical ballet which includes technique, terminology, and artistic expression. Pointe is introduced for students over 12 who meet the requirements and receive approval from the Ballet Director.



Tap explores a variety of styles including the two traditions of rhythm tap (hoofing) and Broadway tap. Each of these styles focus on exercises that increase control, coordination, rhythm, and speed.



These classes consist of a variety of styles including broadway, pop and character with a focus on developing strength, flexibility, and proper alignment.  Ballet technique is integral to jazz and those classes are highly encouraged to ensure progress.




This class integrates strong ballet and jazz technique while exploring contemporary styles, balance, fluidity, and strength. The goal is to develop dancers with a mind-body-spirit connection that creates a meaningful and moving performance.

Hip Hop

A high energy dance class that uses popular hip hop and pop music.  Based on street dancing, it integrates 'video' styles, B-boy tricks, popping, waving, krumping, and other current hip hop trends.


These classes teach students fundamental acrobatics and gymnastics. This class is strictly floor work, with some floor-beam for improving balance, but does not include bars or vault. Class will focus on building strength and flexibility  while developing strong tumbling skills.


Baton twirling is introduced at the Aqua level.  

Consists of twirling, tosses, rolls & wraps with

first one baton, then 2, and eventually 3.  Fire

baton is taught as a special summer course for

advanced students.

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